Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rainy, Sunny, Rainy

Another post I found today from September, 2009. Hope you enjoy it, although it wasn't finished.

Today has been a metaphor for how our lives seem at times. It started off dreary, dark and rainy and it wasn't long that the sun was out shining so brightly! The change within a couple of hours made me peer through the window, just to make sure that by my opening a blind wasn't the real cause for the sunshine. Lo and behold, it was absolutely beautiful and sunny. I would have thought by the start of the day that it would be a dark and dreary day. The sunshine gave me energy. It was beautiful and sunny for most of the day....and then hours later, it started to rain again...all you can see are clouds and it has started to chill. It isn't as thrilling as the warm sunshine but it is occupying the space of hours that will end the day.

I must say it is normal to see the weather change throughout the day but not like today. It made me think of circumstances in our lives and how it can change, hour by hour. At times, the unexpected sunshine peeks through when we aren't always expecting it, giving us the push to make it the rest of the way!

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