Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oh my cannot be true!

Angela is graduating tomorrow!! I am officially old! My kids will be in college and on to a new chapter in life. I'm so excited for Angela, however she is not excited. Angela has always been my sensitive and sentimental child who likes to hold onto things. While Kimberly would love the adventure of moving to another state, Angela immediately says, "no!"

We had to go down to the school today to set up a table of picture/accomplishments etc. for the reception after the graduation. The entire time she had her ipod in her ear and paced. All she kept saying was, "I'm not ready yet, I'm not ready yet". I told her that at least she already knows what she is going to do (she is starting medical college June 11th) while many others are still trying to figure it out. It did not comfort her any. Oh to be young again with limitless possibilities.....

Just being gone from 11am. to 5:30 pm. I came into the house so tired. I laid down on the couch and fell asleep for almost 3 hrs. I get tired so easy. However, I did have another bad night with the pain shooting up and down my legs so I didn't sleep much at all. I even took Vicodein and it didn't touch the pain last night. My body must be starting to get used to the pain killers so they aren't as effective. I never thought I would see the day that I would take over 200 mg. of tylenol.

The past few days running around and trying to find things for graduation has put me on my feet more than usual. I've been trying to build up my strength because I'm going back to work in a couple of weeks. I may have to use my lunch break for a power nap until I get my body up to speed. ugh! If I were using pain killers all day I could make it but I'm trying not to do that!

Kimberly is on her break in between semesters from college. She was so excited to have this week as she had planned on swimming and laying out by the pool but it has either rained or too windy. Believe it or not, the water needs to be about 80 degrees before it is comfortable to swim.

I'm sorry that I've not blogged much lately. I've just been busy with Angela's prom, nephew's kindergarten graduation, Awards day at school and now her graduation all within a week's time. After I've been out for awhile, I come home and crash. I've fallen asleep on the couch every day this week early. This is the first night that I've been up this late but I slept all evening and knew that I probably had ruined my night for any real good sleep...... so I'm trying to wear my brain down.

It still feels strange not having much hair. I have the worst time trying to fix it because I'm not used to so little. Last Sunday, I decided not to wear a hat to church and just go with the hair that I had. It sticks up really easy because of the length so I put mousse in it. Steve told me my hair looked like it was stuck to my when we got to church, he got his brush out and started fixing my hair beside the truck in the parking lot. It was so funny because everytime I would see someone pull in, I would start acting like we weren't doing anything. You know it is bad when your husband tries to do your hair for you. :-) I knew that people would do a double-take when they saw me without a hat so I didn't want to look totally ridiculous. I have to hand it to Steve though....he didn't mind at all helping me out....or maybe he didn't want me to embarrass him! ha.

Hope everyone is doing okay. I will get back on track soon. The testing on my liver is coming up in June and I expect everything to be fine. If so, they may be removing the port from my chest in July or August. I have a hard imagining them taking the port out after being there for a year. The cath runs across my chest so it seems like it would have grown into the tissue already there (sorry to be grose). It just seems like it would hurt. They took me into surgery when they inserted it but to remove it the Surgeon is doing it in his office, I'm told. That doesn't make sense to me. I would rather they put me out again.

My testing will continue at 2 month intervals for several years. So, this truly has become a journey....but I'm thankful for prayer, technology, good doctors and all of my support!! It makes my journey much easier to bear. Thank you!
Everyone have a wonderful weekend!
Love to all,


Linda Shanks said...

I hope you have a blessed evening and that you are able to enjoy each moment. Be careful and enjoy your weekend.
Love & Prayers,

Vernie said...

Hi Leah! You made me laugh when I read about you and Steve and the hair problem. I laughed because I remember an earlier blog I sent you way back in October about a woman having hair issues. If you don't mind, and if the others out there reading this don't mind, I'd like to repeat it. Right now just seems like a good time, so please find a reason to smile when you read it again. Here goes: There once was a woman who woke up one morning, looked in the mirror, and noticed she had only three hairs on her head. "Well," she said, "I think I'll braid my hair today." So she did and had a wonderful day. The next day she woke up, looked in the mirror and saw that she had only two hairs on her head. "Hmmm," she said. "I think I'll part my hair down the middle today." So she did and had a grand day. The next day she woke up, looked in the mirror, and noticed that she had only one hair on her head. "Well," she said. "Today I'm going to wear my hair in a pony tail." So she did and she had a fun, fun, day. The next day she woke up, looked in the mirror, and noticed that there wasn't a single hair on her head. "YEAH!" she exclaimed, "I don't have to fix my hair today!"

Smile Leah, I just did again!

Love, Vernie

mother said...

I had to laugh also thinking about Steve fixing your hair in the church parking lot. He is always looking out for you!
At least we have something to laugh about!
Vernie, I loved your story... I needed that laugh!

Please continue to remember Leah's grandmother in prayer. She has completed her chemo and radiation but is having the same pain and struggles as Leah.

Anonymous said...

Hi Leah. Congrats to Angela on her graduation - and to you as well. You are a wonderful Mom. Speaking of hair, this weather has frizzed mine out so badly, I've been tempted to cut it all off as short as I can. If you're like me, yours will grow back really fast. You are still cute with the short hair, so don't fret over it. Sorry you are still having all that pain. Maybe when you get back to work, they'll have you so busy, you will forget you are in pain. I sometimes take those power naps on my lunch hour. They do wonders for me.

Hope you are enjoying this holiday weekend. Maybe all this rain will help you sleep. Take care.